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Juventus Have a Plan to Stop Isco or Bale

leapyguide.com- There is one question in the Real Madrid squad for Champions League final against Juventus later. Will they play the recovered Gareth Bale from injury, or maintain Isco's outstanding momentum?

Even so, I Bianconeri did not seem too confusing who will be played Madrid. Coach Massimiliano Allegri spoke about it.

"We've talked to the team about some tactical options if Bale is playing, he will be very fast and in open the field, the player can be exhausted because in three passes this player could be on different sides," he told a news conference.
"While Isco plays more inside,who's more difficult to guess than Bale, but at the same time Madrid can have problems in the defense phase," he concluded.

Indeed Bale is in the spotlight more because he has scored two goals this season in the Champions League compared to Isco's only one goal.

Not only that, Bale also became one of the heroes of Madrid when winning the Champions League with a stunning action and goals a few years ago.

Interesting wait whether Juventus managed to win the game later or...
 they will shine