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Liverpool Need Many Stars To Make Coutinho Happy

LEAPYGUIDE.COMPhilippe Coutinho is undoubtedly the greatest player in Liverpool at the moment. But the Reds must also bring in other top players to support Coutinho's work.

Coutinho from season to season is increasingly showing how important he is to Liverpool. In the 2016/2017 season, Coutinho made 14 goals from 36 appearances throughout the competition.

Naturally, many are interested in Coutinho as well as Barcelona who continue to persuade the Brazilian player would join the Camp Nou. But the effort was in vain because Coutinho had expressed his loyalty to stay with Liverpool.

Seeing Coutinho has affirmed his commitment to the club, Liverpool now live reply to the loyalty of the 25-year-old footballer with certainly bring more top players to work more easily Coutinho next season.

Some of the top players are already linked with Liverpool in this transfer market like Mohamed Salah, Dusan Tadic, Virgil van Dijk, and Alexandre Lacazette.

"He's a fantastic player," said former Liverpool midfielder period 2000-2002, Gary McAllister, told Omnisport.

"I am very fortunate to be able to train Philippe in my short work with Brendan," he continued.

"It's nice to practice with him and see him practice every day, he's very special, he's special to the manager - you can see that."

"But also, when he plays, he seems to be a player who is so attached to this Liverpool club."

"So it's crucial for us to defend it but I think he wants to survive." As far as I know, his decision so far has been good. "

"A lot of managers say they are champions but I think we have a manager like that."

"He's a champion so I think he can bring in the players we need in the transfer market to support the good players we already have," concludes McAllister.