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Look forward to a fun & balanced Champions League Final, Xavi Supports Juventus Champion

LEAPYGUIDE.COMXavi Hernandez rate Juventus and Real Madrid have a balanced chance to win the Champions League 2016/2017. But as Barcelonista, he supports Juventus.

Juventus and Real Madrid will fight at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Sunday (4/6/2017) morning for the Champions League trophy. The meeting was touted as the ideal meeting.

Both are equally strong in record meetings so far with both holding eight wins. In addition this is a duel between the sharpest teams with the most difficult teams penetrated.

Real Madrid are the most prolific team in the Champions League this season with 32 goals, while Juventus have 21 goals. But Juventus are a team with the best defense, just conceded three times throughout the tournament while Madrid has 17 times broken.

"I see chances for both teams in the 50-50 finals, a final that is always hard to predict and there are no obvious favorites," Xavi told sc.qa.

"Juventus have done everything well for many years, and they are a big club and have not won the Champions League so many years now, they will be determined to straighten that record.

"Real Madrid are also very tough, they have recruited good players, I think we will see a good final," he added quoted by Football Italia.

However, Xavi has set his choice to support Juventus appear as champions. One reason is that he is a former Barcelona player and a native of Catalan, another reason is the presence of Gianluigi Buffon and Dani Alves.

Throughout his career, Buffon has not even won the Champions League and Xavi feels this is the most appropriate time, considering that his colleague was already 40 years old. While Alves is a good partner Xavi since both played in Barcelona.

"Winning the Champions League will be a top moment in Buffon's career, I want to see him win it." As a Barcelona fan, it makes sense and natural to want Juventus to win, "he continued.

"But I also want them to win for Buffon and Dani Alves, who are also worthy of the trophy, Dani is an impressive player who has made a difference on the way to the finals and I have a very good relationship with him," Xavi said.