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Madrid Turn Down MU's 52mil pounds For Morata

leapyguide.com-Real Madrid just rejected a £ 52 million bid BY Premier League giants Manchester United for the 24-year-old striker. The Red Devil is known to be one of the enthusiasts for Morata, and the previous news mentioned that both transactions can occur considering that Madrid wants the services of United's goalkeeper, David de Gea. They hope Morata can be a transfer pemulus Spanish national team goalkeeper.
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However, based on information from SkySport, De Gea is not included in the 52 million pound bid, without De Gea, Madrid fix the price of Morata in the range of 78 million pounds if United want his service.

Although not a top choice in the 2016/17 season, Morata is still able to score 20 goals in all competitions for Real Madrid. So far he has won various prestigious titles, both with Juventus and Real Madrid.