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Messi Treat Suarez and Fabregas in Summer Holiday

leapyguide.com-Lionel Messi with his teammate , Luis Suarez and also his former teammate who's now play for Chelsea,Cesc Fabregas enjoying their holiday in Ibiza.All of them spend the holiday with their wife and girlfriend.Messi with his Fiancee, Antonella Rocuzzo (they will married soon from the rumor) ,Suarez with his wife Sofia Balbi , and Fabregas with his wife too,Daniella Seaman.

 picture via instagram AntoRoccuzzo88

As reported by the Daily Mail, the three footballers with their lover,spouse and anything that sweet♥  are seen undergoing a holiday at one of Club Restaurant Cabaret in Lio Ibiza. Reportedly Messi who is a four-time winner of the Ballon d'Or is treating the food of his colleagues. Funds of 33 thousand pounds.

Messi also shared this moment on their official instagram account ,antoroccuzzo88

A post shared by AntoRoccuzzo88 (@antoroccuzzo88) on

Man.. they're looks so sweeet , i mean 3 of them with theirs sweetheart of course,its kinda made me jelly o w o
well glad they're having a good time together with their love!
 they need a holiday before a new season right?