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Morata Gonna Marry Alice Campello Soon

leapyguide.com-Real Madrid young player who plays as  attacker,Alvaro Morata Martin is rumored gonna marry his lover, Alice Campello in the near future,reportedly on June 17, 2017 already set by both young couples.

Previously, Morata indeed had expressed interest  a few days ago exactly when Real Madrid won the Champions League 2016/17. At that time he said after successfully bringing Real Madrid won the La Liga title and Champions League, the target itself is to focus on defending the Spanish national team and after that he will marry his lover, Alice Campello.

"I will defend the Spanish National Team and after that I will have a marriage with my beloved Alice Campello, I have won two prestigious trophies this season," Morata said as quoted by SuperBall News Edition Tuesday 6 June 2017.

 Morata affection with the lover was seen as both celebrate the Champions League title. Some of these photos show evidence of their intimacy♥

pictures via instagram/alicecampello