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Mourinho told Barcelona to forget about Ander Herrera

leapyguide.com-One of the most successful MU players to show their maximum performance and become a mainstay in every game is Ander Herrera.

Impressive appearance was made him became the target of a top European clubs, one of the teams are reportedly serious to bring Herrera is Barcelona. Moreover Blaugrana is now trained by Ernesto Valverde, his coach while still strengthening Athletic Bilbao.

But now according to Express reports, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho asked Barcelona to forget him. The club is also called will soon offer a contract extension and a salary increase of 180 thousand pounds per week for the Spanish player.Herrera is currently on £90,000-a-week, so this would represent a considerable rise.

United already have the option to extend his contract by another year, but they apparently want to tie him down to a longer deal.

It seems very reasonable if Mourinho didn't want to lose Herrera, he was always success to show maximum performance and become the main choice. In addition to the information, the number of minutes playing players who could strengthen Real Zaragoza this also reached 3277 minutes.

Not only that, United will return to compete in the Champions League in 2017/18 season next, Mourinho need his best players to compete in the highest competition between the European clubs.