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Move to the Chinese League, Rooney

LEAPYGUIDE.COMWayne Rooney is believed to be looking for a new club for next season. The Manchester United striker and captain is advised to consider moving to China.

United manager Jose Mourinho indicated that Rooney was not in his plans. Having just become a reserve player in last season, Mourinho also intends to bring in another new striker in the summer exchanges.

Rumornya, Rooney has a number of offers. Everton, MLS and the Chinese League could be an option for the England international.

Eriksson once gush Chinese clubs such as Guangzhou, Shanghai SIPG, and Shenzhen FC. The Swede believes Rooney and his family will feel at home there.

"I have not spoken to Rooney for so long, so I do not know what he is thinking, but if he goes to China I think he will have a positive experience," said Eriksson, who was quoted by ESPN as saying.

"He has small children but there are many international schools in big cities and I'm sure he will get every help that lets him be comfortable, he will be greeted very warmly."

"The only problem is the language, but if you live in Shanghai or Beijing, there will be a lot of foreigners, so the constraints are slightly reduced.I met many Swedish people in Shanghai and many Europeans live there, working for the company -large companies."

"And do not forget, the players are well treated, they have everything they need and are very well taken care of, so for someone like Rooney or Diego Costa, that will not be a problem."

It is undeniable that the Chinese league has the potential to be Rooney's next goal because clubs there are jor-rod in the affairs of paying players salaries. Reportedly, Rooney is currently having trouble finding a club that would accommodate him because of the issue of salary.