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MU Prioritize Premier League in the Next Season

LEAPYGUIDE.COMDespite grabbing some trophies, Manchester United's performance fell apart in the league. Paul Pogba revealed, MU will prioritize the Premier League next season.

In 2016-17, MU was successfully won the Community Shield, League Cup, and Europa League. However, the 'Red Devils' only finished sixth, their second worst achievement since the Premier League era in 1992.

Only in the first four weeks MU can perched in the top three. Moreover, Pogba et al. Constantly inhabiting the middle board.

For a club of MU, entry in the hunt for the Premier League title is arguably mandatory every season. Armed with success in previous seasons, MU determined to enliven the competition.

"My first season, we got three trophies and a place in the Champions League, which is the main target," the midfielder told Telefoot. "I'll play in Champions League, that's what I want."

"Next season, the target is the Premier League, there is also the Champions League and we will have to pay proper attention to the competition," Pogba said.

Nevertheless, Pogba has not gained recognition for the success of the MU. With an additional contribution of nine goals in all competitions, the French midfielder's performance is considered not to meet expectations of the banderolnya worth 89 million pounds.

"What's important is the coach's opinion about you, not the others," Pogba replied. "He gave me confidence, three trophies, too."

"He believes in me and I am very comfortable just after joining in. I am very happy (can win the Europa League) .This is our goal because of our complicated situation in the Premier League," the former Juventus player's straightforwardness.