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Nothing is Outsiderable, Including Cristiano Ronaldo

LEAPYGUIDE.COMLuis Figo, a former Real Madrid star, insists that in football there is no player who has an irreplaceable status. Including Cristiano Ronaldo.

Amid the entanglement of alleged tax evasion case, Ronaldo had felt less supported by Madrid which is his own club. It made him reportedly wanting to leave 'The White' alone.

However, Ronaldo's stance on the move plans allegedly began to soften after hearing the statement of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez this week.

Figo himself, who played for Madrid in the period 2000-2005, confirmed that true club has a position far above even the top players.

"I have the view that nothing is irreplaceable, including Cristiano Ronaldo," Figo told Gol and quoted ESPNFC.

"The clubs can not depend on a certain figure, the history of such clubs is above all players, even the president or anybody," the Portuguese man said.

Although optimistic that El Real will remain okay if any should lose Ronaldo, Figo sure compatriot was not going to leave the Santiago Bernabeu - at least this summer.

"A lot of things have to happen to make it go away, it's a personal decision and if someone really wants it it will happen, but I think it's not a possibility at the moment," Figo said.