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Pogba Reveals Reasons to Leave United Five Years Silam

LEAPYGUIDE.COMPaul Pogba had migrated from Manchester United before being bought back at an expensive price. He also opened his voice about the reason five years ago.

Pogba went from Manchester United in the summer transfer market in 2012. He joins Juventus for free.

Together with the Bianconeri, Pogba became one of the irreplaceable players in midfield for four seasons. The French national team player recorded 178 matches in all competitions, with a contribution of 34 goals.

During the defending Juve, Pogba contributed as many as eight major and minor trophies.

Manchester United are looking for midfielders, Pogba buy back with a transfer value of 89 million pounds. In his first season, Pogba successfully won the English League Cup and Europa League with the Red Devils.

Pogba revealed the reason to go from Manchester five years ago, he also already know someday will return to Old Trafford.

"I left Manchester to play, which is what I really want, even though I am young, I feel that I can play right now and I do not want to wait," Pogba said in an interview with Esquire.

"So, if it was not with Manchester, it would be with a team, but in my mind, I year: 'this is not over yet, I may return'.

"My mom told me this: 'You'll come back someday.' And I'm here now, with a haircut in Manchester," added the 24-year-old.