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Pogba will be better next season

LEAPYGUIDE.COMManchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is judged to be even better next season, after helping the Red Devils win three trophies this season. The assessment was leveled by Bryan Robson, a former top midfielder 'Red Devils'.

Pogba, who once studied soccer at the MU academy, was "repatriated" from Juventus in the summer transfer window last year with a record-breaking world transfer record of 105 million euros.

Wah's transfer value is in the process constantly so the spotlight throughout Pogba's appearance in the 2016-17 season. There is a judge that 24-year-old French international players are not worthy of being rewarded so expensive.

Even so, Pogba still able to help United through the season with three trophies; Community Shield, League Cup, and then Europa League. And Robson, the ambassador of Manchester United who played for the club from 1981-1994, believes Pogba will only continue to improve.

"The media are always trying to criticize Paul," Robson told ManUtd.com.

"Up to a point, it's because of the transfer value and not because of the player, but when I saw Pogba he came to this club and made us look better in his play area he had something that our other midfielder did not have.

"Paul is not overly appreciated by some of the media but I think the team lost him when he did not play with confidence after winning three trophies, I think he will go ahead and better next season.