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Poor Higuain in the Final Party

LEAPYGUIDE.COMNothing is more painful than losing many times in the final of big competition. Not only Juventus but also for a Gonzalo Higuain.

Champions League Final at Millennium Cardiff on Sunday (4/6/2017) pm dawn yesterday, is the seventh final in Higuain's career. Remarkably, the seven finals were achieved by Higuain in the last six years.

That means Higuain always appear in the final party every season, be it with the club or national team. Naturally, if Higuain imported by Juve with a tag of 90 million euros in the summer.

The Bianconeri certainly hope Higuain can bring in more trophies for them. Moreover, Higuain known as a top striker with extraordinary goal instinct, which is evidenced through the incision 36 goals in Serie A last season.

Higuain also managed to bring Juve triumphed in Serie A and Coppa Italia. Unfortunately the dream to win the Champions League with Juve had to run aground after losing 1-4 of Real Madrid in the final.

Not only failed to bring Juve into champions, Higuain also performed poorly throughout the game because only able to release two attempts on target and that was a new game running about seven minutes. A total of just three attempts made Higuain throughout the game.

This defeat also further extend the bad record that has lost Higuain in the final four major final. It starts from the 2014 World Cup where he can not do anything when Argentina lost 0-1 from Germany.

Then in the final of the Copa America 2015, Higuain with Argentina had to give up the championship trophy after losing to Chile. Appearing as a substitute, Higuain wasted a golden opportunity in his normal time and missed a penalty in the tos-tosan round.

A year ago Higuain returned to the Copa America Centenario final against Chile. The result was the same, Argentina lost in a penalty shootout.

That means Higuain won only three of his last seven finals. Yet the finals won by Higuain can not be compared with four defeats considering only "level" Copa del Rey 2011, Coppa Italia 2013 and 2017.

Still not enough? Higuain did not make a goal at all in more than 400 minutes on the pitch with four of them as a starter. What a shame your fate, Higuain.