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Preview UCL Final between Real Madrid vs Juventus

leapyguide.com-The 2016/2017 Champions League final match between Juventus against Real Madrid at the Wales National Stadium will be a prestigious, record-laden and ambitious game for both teams. On one hand, if Real Madrid win then Champions League myth will be collapsed by Madrid for successive champions and destroying the 7-year cycle of the Italian club as well and consecrate Real Madrid as the biggest club in Europe with the achievement of the most Champions League trophy in history.

On the other hand Juventus are so styled in Italy and this season in the Champions League, totally unbeaten and at least conceded until the final is the most superior Juventus team since handled by Massimiliano Allegri,if successful will make a new history as the second team from Italy who won the treble winners After Inter Milan after Italian League champions and Coppa Italia. This night's game will be a great battle of a tight defense strategy with powerful attacks.

Zidane vs. Allegri's Nostalgic ambitions to be the best

Zinedine Zidane already experience the sense of victory over Real's 1-0 win over Bayer Leverkusen in 2001, and also known the defeat of defending Juventus against Real Madrid in the 1997/1998 Champions League final. So of course nostalgic Zidane for the team who raised his name to become the world's most expensive player at the time and the team he defended to become current coach makes Zidane indiscriminate against Juventus for wanting to win this final.
Zidane who is in Madrid like having 2 different teams is very spoiled with a slim quality difference between team A (who plays in Champions League and important La Liga match) with team B (who play as a rotation for less important party). Zidane's capacity to bring Madrid Champions League champions last season did prove that Zidane is a topnotch coach or can be said to be a genius.
While Allegri's new reputation up when bringing AC Milan Italian League champions, and replacing Antonio Conte at Juventus is often underrated by some circles. There is an opinion that Juventus is currently more formed by Antonio Conte who indeed brought change for Juventus so it can consistently win the League and had entered the final of Champions 2 last season. Allegri may be underestimated but his tactics and intuitions in buying players such as Miralem Pjanic, Dani Alves, Juan Cuadrado are proof of his cold hand in refining a great like Juve .

Strong Defense vs The Predator Ronaldo

Real Madrid appear in the finals with a capital collection of 32 goals or an average of 2.67 goals per game and become the most fertile team in the Champions League this season.
El Real is king of statistics for the team that releases the most threats to the opposing goal with a total of 226 shots. One reason is the CR7 factor is so vicious in front of the opponent's goal. Ronaldo broke the record as the most scored player in the Champions League this season with 103 goals from 139 games. The number of goals he scored was even more than the clubs in the Champions League league like the city club, the new Atletico Madrid scored 102 goals in his Champions League participation.
Relying on Ronaldo as a malignant predator does not mean other players are not dangerous. If Zidane lowered Bale after recovering from injury then the threat to Juve is his speed and positioning. Meanwhile, if Zidane down Isco as a playmaker behind the attackers, it means Juventus should be alert to the breakthrough balls for Ronaldo and Benzema who managed to split the defenses such as Atletico's opponent, Bayern Munich.
Then what about 'The Old Lady'? Two titles in Italy are strong mental evidence of Juve players who ambition to bring Champions League trophy to Turin. The threat of the BBC Trio (Bale, Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo) Madrid would have been well understood by a trio of BBC (Barzagli, Bonucci, Chiellini) of Juve. Strict defense of all three will surely make Ronaldo n friends will be difficult to enter. Even if dismissed, under the goal there is still Gianluigi Buffon is in a good performance this season and the opportunity to be the first goalkeeper who won the World Player of the Year this year.