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Real Madrid asks MU Create a New Proposal for Morata

LEAPYGUIDE.COMAlvaro Morata and Manchester United are now anxiously awaiting the decision of Real Madrid. Although Morata has given his approval to join the Europa League champions, the club's consent will be decisive.

Reported by leapyguide.com, the club coached by Jose Mourinho has bid € 60 million to Real Madrid. However, the offer was rejected by Madrid, last week.

Mourinho with his team is brewing the right numbers to be handed back to the Champions League Champion. Moratta's agent, Juanma Lopez, says his client is interested in joining Old Trafford and hopes that MU's proposal will be accepted by Madrid soon.

"Manchester United? They are a very glamorous club, a very interesting option," said Lopez.

"I emphasize, their proposal is very important and now the decision in the hands of Real Madrid I can not say (the deal is coming soon), we'll see what happens," he said.

Lopez revealed that in addition to MU there are serious enthusiasts who are royal spend his fortune to bring in star players.
AC Milan made an intense approach before finally hooking Porto striker, Andre Silva.

"Yes, they often communicate with us until a few days ago, I can confirm that," said Morata's agent.