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Recalling the Final of Juventus vs Madrid in 1998

LEAPYGUIDE.COMJuventus will face Real Madrid in the Champions League final this weekend. 19 years ago, both also had met. How was the result then?

Champions League final between Juve vs Madrid will take place at Millennium Stadium on Sunday (4/6/2017).

The meeting will be the 19th for both teams as long as its participation in European competition. But before, Juve and Madrid just once met in the final.

That happened 19 years ago, when Juve and Madrid met in the Champions League final of the 1997/1998 season. Juve into the final after eliminating Monaco 6-4 on aggregate, while Madrid overcome Borussia Dortmund 2-0.

May 20, 1998, Juve and Madrid also competed in the Amsterdam Arena. In the game, both teams present a fierce battle.

Juve are still reinforced Zinedine Zidane - now a coach of Real Madrid, playing goalless in the first half. But in the second half, precisely in the 66th minute, their goalkeeper Pedrag Mijatovic burglarized.

Juventus defensive mistakes facing Madrid players kick made a wild ball rolling towards Mijatovic. With a single gocekan, Mijatovic conquered Angelo Peruzzi. Madrid won 1-0 and eventually came out as champions.

The defeat was apparently quite imprinted in the minds of Paolo Montero. The ex-Bianconeri's players regretted the goals that came from mistakes.

"Both of us (Juve and Madrid) advanced to the finals as a favorite team, a tight-fisted game, determined by little things, they scored after the ball bounced," recalled Montero, who was then a starter, told AFP.

"It's a sad memories where we can not win but history shows that Madrid is born to play in the final, because they can continue to win," he added.

Montero rate, Juventus are now also actually a favorite team. With all the quality, plus the existence of Buffon, Juve have a chance to become champion.

"Juve for me looks stronger and more efficient, although they have few chances to score, they can use it," said Montero.

"And of course they are lucky to have Gianluigi Buffon There is a reason why he is one of the best goalkeepers of all time, after what he has done all his career, he deserves to win."

Finally, Montero also called Zidane one of his best colleagues at club level. While together at Juventus, players from France did show himself a quality figure.

"Zidane is a blessed person, he is the best partner I have, the simplest and humble, now he shows himself also a great coach," he said.

"In my life and when at Juventus I always learn from the humble best man, who always trains hard and shares knowledge, there is no 'me' but 'we', that's what I learned at Juventus" He recalled.