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Ronaldo Already Told Ramos About His Planning to Leaving Madrid

Football-The future of the Real Madrid superstar,Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be a hot talk recently. He is rumored to leave the Santiago Bernabeu after completing strength Portugal in the Confederation Cup which took place in Russia June 17 until July 2.

This decision taken by Ronaldo because he was tired with the treatment of Spanish tax authorities, as is known, he allegedly involved in cases of tax evasion that he obtained in 2011 to 2014, the amount of taxes is also referred to reach 15 million euros.

Not only that, he was called to feel unfairly treated by fans of Real Madrid. As is known, Ronaldo is a player who often prank by the fans despite already showing maximum performance and become a vital player behind the success of his team.

Now according to US reports, Ronaldo was rumored have told his teammate, Sergio Ramos by phone about his plans to leave the club.

It's interesting to wait for the rest of the news and what decisions the 32-year-old player will do if he really leaves Real Madrid. But until now there are two clubs are called the chance to bring it, namely Paris Saint-Germain and the club that raised his name, Manchester United.

MU seems most likely club to sign Ronaldo, as the player is rumored to have asked his agent, Jorge Mendes to do everything possible to get him back to Old Trafford.

Cristiano Ronaldo started joining Real Madrid in 2009. It didn't take long, he immediately became a vital figure and always a top choice in the front line of his team. Until 2016/17 season, he has scored 406 goals from 394 games.

Achievement with Los Blancos did not seem to be questioned. Finally he also successfully presents the title of La Liga champions and help Madrid into the first team that can defend the Champions League title.