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Ronaldo Failed to Bring Portugal Beat Chile

leapyguide.com-Tired Chile had had to withstand constant attacks from Portugal, who just couldn't quite find a way past Bravo or his defence over 120 minutes, with wasteful shooting, predictable crosses and fatigue resulting in a frustrating finish for the European champions.

Chile won over Portugal after beat them on penalties with score 3 - 0
Thanks to Claudio Bravo who saved all of three Portugal's penalties  ( Ricardo Quaresma,Joao Moutinho and Nani).Ronaldo supposed to be 5th penalties taker , but poor him didn't get even chance to shoot the ball.

The Real Madrid striker trudged off down the tunnel while the Chileans celebrated and Portugal heads dropped; a different picture from the adulation enjoyed this time last summer when Santos and Ronaldo masterminded victory in France.

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Chile might have wrapped up the game even earlier, but were denied a last-minute extra-time goal when Arturo Vidal - the clear Man of the Match - smashed a shot across the goal and hit the post, with Martin Rodriguez stabbing the rebound onto the crossbar.Well it's just end the same after all with Chile as the Winner.

Chile won the toss, Vidal scored the first penalty. The pressure mounted on Portugal.
Quaresma to take on Bravo but the goalkeeper found it all too easy to stop. A well anticipated save.
Aranguiz scored. Moutinho walked to the spot, took his run up and put his penalty in almost exactly the same place as Quaresma. He watched Bravo deny a second goal.
Sanchez, peripheral for the most of the game was next but made no mistake, coolly slotting into the bottom corner. Nani had to score to keep Portugal in it. Bravo waited in position until he knew where the ball would go. He knew. Bottom right.

Portugal were out, Chile went through. Bravo may just have saved his season.