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Ronaldo Took The Champion League Top Scorer from Messi

leapyguide.com-In the match that ended with a score of 4-1, four Madrid's goals scored by Casemiro, Marco Asensio and two goals from their superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. While Juventus can only reply to one goal through Mario Mandzukic.

The success of Madrid won the Champions League also seems to be something more special for Ronaldo, the article as reported by Uefa official website, the Portuguese player was successfully beat Barcelona star Lionel Messi and became the top scorer of the Champions League competition 2016/17 season with 12 goals

In addition to information, Ronaldo's success in winning the top scorer title has made him the first player to win the Champions League top scorer title for five seasons in a row.

Season 2016/17 seems to return to be a glorious season for players who are now 32 years old. Not only managed to become a top scorer, before, Ronaldo also successfully scored his 100th in the highest competition between the European clubs.