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Ronaldo want James Rodriguez to Stay at Madrid

leapyguide.com-From 38 La Liga matches, James only played in 22 games with a record of 9x play as a substitute. And he only reach about 1180minutes to play in game.
Responding to the situation of James Rodriguez who has not encountered a bright spot, an interesting comment was delivered by one of his teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player said he did not want to see James leave Real Madrid.
"James had his own reasons (to leave Real Madrid) and we have to respect that, but if he asks me for advice, then I will tell him to stay with Real Madrid," Ronaldo told Goal.

Did not stop there, players who could strengthen Manchester United was also argued that James also still has strong potential to play with Real Madrid.

But although Ronaldo looks very keen to keep his teammate in the Santiago Bernabeu, he also insists will always support any decision taken by players who could strengthen the US Monaco.
James Rodriguez joined Real Madrid in the summer transfer market in 2014, his glorious performances with the Colombian national team made Real Madrid interested to sign him to the Santiago Bernabeu. He was also bought from French Ligue 1 club AS Monaco for an estimated price of 80 million euros.

Now until 2016/17, with Real Madrid, the 25-year-old has played in 111 games and scored 38 goals.