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Satisfied,Madrid is ready to submit a new contract with Zidane till 2020

OtherNews-Just one and a half seasons Zinedine Zidane coach Real Madrid, which is counted since January 2016, he was able to bring five prestigious titles. Latest, the life legend of the Santiago Bernabeu gave the title of 33rd League La Liga and eliminate thirsty of title since 2012, as well as 12nd Champions League title which he achieved two consecutive.

Over the fantastic performance of Zidane, Madrid was reportedly US (10/06) ready to submit a new contract that tied him up to 2020, of course, with a significant salary increase equivalent to other top coaches

This is a statement to the confidence of Madrid who also said directly by the president, Florentino Perez, that Zidane can be forever in Madrid just like Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

The bald headed Frenchman was originally unlikely to have much coaching experience,previously only been an assistant coach for Carlo Ancelotti and coach of Real Madrid Castilla. But, Zidane covered up his shortcomings with his charismatic figure, who was able to lift the motivation of all the team players.

All the Madrid players last season felt as important parts of the squad and listened to the Zidane, who in his prime as a player has achieved much success. Zidane currently has a fantastic record: 65 victories, 15 draws, and seven defeats of a total of 87 matches he lived.