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Tease Ronaldo,a China Club offer 1,8 mil poundsterling/week with a bid of 175 mil poundsterling

leapyguide.com-As reported by Dailymail (10/06), an unnamed Chinese club is ready to offer Real Madrid, amounting to 175 million pounds or 200 million euros to bring Cristiano Ronaldo.

In fact, the club is ready to provide salaries to the winger from Portugal that amounted to 1.8 million pounds per week. The figure is quite fantastic, especially Ronaldo who extend his contract in November and has a salary of 365 thousand pounds per week in Madrid.

The temptation of money is quite tempting for Ronaldo, especially at the age of 32 years, he has won everything with El Real and also Euro 2016 with Portugal national team. Latest, he helped Madrid to reach La Liga and Champions League title for the 12th.

This rumor continue Ronaldo's speech this week when he says all possibilities could happen in the future, he may not play again for Madrid. Now, all decisions depend on the former Manchester United star

Chinese clubs have become the talk of the European footballers, as the last couple of seasons have become a port of European players. Those who have gone to the Bamboo Curtain Country as well as Oscars, Axel Witsel, Hulk, Demba Ba, Alexandre Pato.