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The season that remains proud for Juventus

LEAPYGUIDE.COMJuventus again failed to win the Champions League. Nevertheless, the Bianconeri are quite proud of their achievements this season.

While undergoing the Champions League final against Real Madrid at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff on Sunday (04/06/2017), Juve lost by a score of 1-4. They also become the most team to runner-up Cup / Champions League.

Despite failing in the Champions League, Juve season is actually not bad-bad very. They continue the hegemony in the Italian league by winning the Italian League and Champions League.

Juventus officials, Andrea Agnelli, said that Juve will not lose determination to better staring next season.

"My job is to do an assessment this season and we are very proud of what we did this year," Agnelli said on Juventus' official website.

"We are proud because we have grown up over the last seven years and we are up there among Europe's best teams."

"I hug all the team members tonight, next year, we have to be more determined, anyone who thinks we're less motivated should think again, our pride will motivate us to grow, every day, every year."

"I told the players that we had to start from scratch with the usual determination, I am proud of all and every one of them," he added.