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There's an Intruder at Real Madrid Champion Celebration

LEAPYGUIDE.COMChampions League celebrations Real Madrid had disturbed the existence of an intruder. They repeatedly chimed in photographs and stole the show when the television camera was shot.

Madrid beat Juventus in the Champions League final at the Millennium Stadium on Sunday (4/6/2017) pm dawn. Los Blancos won 4-1 in the game.

When the game ended, the Madrid players immediately dissolved in euphoria. They also did celebrating on the field.

As quoted 101greatgoals, apparently there is an intruder in the midst of the crowded field Millennium Stadium. The intruder was two people, one disguised as security and the other like a fan.

The security guard is clever enough to dress like a bodyguard complete with glasses to fool around. The fake bodyguard was casually walking along just where the Madrid player was moving, despite suspected his real bodyguard.

In a cool-tempered manner, the intruder quietly kept his self with the player too. The goal is to get a photographer or television shot that is recording a celebration.

While other intruders just act out what it is. While stealing the opportunity berswafoto, they jumped jubilant when it could go hand in hand with Madrid players who brought the Champions League trophy. It's as if he's part of the Los Blancos team!

Until finally, Sergio Ramos realized his existence. Madrid's defender and captain was ferociously asking the intruder to step aside.

When one is caught, the other has not given up yet. When the photo session together, bodyguard-style intruders follow-up with a skuat Madrid. Apesnya, Ramos realized again so that the intruder was immediately asked to leave.

The recording of the intruder is apparently being discussed at the El Chiringuito de Jugones event program. The hosts also wondered how the intruder could get into the field.