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Top 8 Managers with High Salary in Premier League

leapyguide.com-Interesting that not only players are getting paid with high salary, the managers also get tremendous incentives. It's interesting to see who are the eight most-paid managers in the Premier League today.

8.Slaven Bilic (West Ham United)

The former Croatian national team coach has joined The Hammers since 2015/16 after winning the Turkish giants Besiktas.
Bilic gets a salary of 65 thousand pounds per week. While the price may not meet the expectations of fans

7.Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenhan Hotspur)

One of the most developed and best managers in recent seasons in the Premier League. Pochettino makes Tottenham a team that always compete for the title. Even this 2016/17 season, he made Spurs become arch-rivals Chelsea in the Premier League title.
His salary per week reached 105 thousand pounds. He seems to be credible because it gives something special to the young squad of The Lilywhites.

6.Ronald Koeman (Everton)

One of the big names in world football and Dutch legend. Koeman gives a positive impact to Everton even though the tempo is fairly slow.
Salary of the manager  reached 105 thousand pounds per week. He has a mission to bring Everton to the top even though it is still difficult to achieve

5.Antonio Conte (Chelsea)

The best Premier League manager who made Chelsea  Won the 2016/17 season. No one questioned his capacity regarding the issue of mentality and tactics.
Interestingly, Conte's salary is only ranked fifth at 125 thousand pounds per week. Even so, it would not be surprised if soon Chelsea gave him a long-term contract with a higher salary.

4.Juergen Klopp

One of the most attractive managers who make Liverpool looks wew and managed to finished top four Premier League 2016/17. Klopp also continues to show high spirits when motivating the squad from the sidelines.

The manager earned 135 thousand pounds per week by Liverpool. Salaries are fairly large and certainly all Liverpool fans are obviously waiting for the real impact of Klopp, the trophy for the public Anfield.

3.Arsene Wenger (Arsenal)

The manager who just given a new contract by Arsenal. Not surprised if the salary of this veteran also fairly large. Already coaching the Gunners since the 1996/97 season, Wenger earned 160 thousand pounds per week by Arsenal.
Nevertheless, the 67-year-man looks having difficulty in the 2016/17 season because only able to bring Arsenal to end the season in 5th positiom.

2.Pep Guardiola (Manchester City)

One of the managers who is considered as one of the best figure of the world in his field. Joining Manchester City after winning titles in Spain, Germany, and also Europe, it's not surprising that high expectations are expected to match the salary he received.
Guardiola's salary reached 388 thousand pounds per week. Unfortunately, his first season at Man City somewhat unsatisfactory. He did not manage to give a trophy to the team, and only able to end the 2016/17 season in the 3 rd position.

1.Jose Mourinho (Manchester United)

Having the same salary as Guardiola as 388 thousand pounds per week. Expectations to Mourinho are so high that Man United willingly poured a lot of money for the purchases of players that he wanted.
Mourinho's first season was a success. He lifted the Community Shield trophy, League Cup, and also ensure themselves qualify for the 2017/18 Champions League coming through the Europa League trophy. Not a great trophy indeed but enough to start something brilliant