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What If Juventus vs. Madrid Go to Penalty Shootout?

LEAPYGUIDE.COMOnly one goal was created when Juventus and Real Madrid faced off in the final of 1998. If this year's finals end in a draw until extra time, who has a chance of winning on penalties?

Of the last four meetings Juventus and Madrid in the Champions League match is always going on fierce. In that period there were two draws, and one victory for each.

In 1998, when both teams also met in the Champions League final, only one goal is created. El Real so champion thanks to mere goals Predrag Mijatovic puppet.

A tight duel is expected to re-occur at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium this weekend. Madrid came as defending champions and is the most productive team with 32 goals made. While Juventus is in the best condition and so the team with the most solid back line because the new conceded three times throughout the tournament.

Opportunities happen a draw for 90 minutes plus an extension of time is certainly open. Such conditions will force the action continued into the penalty shootout. What is the record of both teams in tos-tosan round?

Based on UEFA records, neither Madrid nor Juventus have a record that is really okay if you have to undergo penalties.

Throughout the participation in European competition, Madrid has undergone four times on penalties. The result is two wins and two defeats. One of the victories in can in last year's final over Atletico Madrid.

5-3 v Atletico Madrid - Champions League Final 2015/2016
1-3 v FC Bayern München - Champions League Semifinals 2011/12
3-1 v Juventus - Second round of the 1986/87 Champions Cup
5-6 v FK Crvena Zvezda - Winners Cup Winners 1974/1975

Juventus even swallowed a defeat in his last penalty shootout in the Champions League. It happened in the 2002/2003 season when they were subordinate to AC Milan. In total, the Bianconeri's record is three wins and three defeats.

2-3 v AC Milan - Champions League Final 2002/03
4-2 v AFC Ajax - Champions League Final 1995/96
1-3 v Real Madrid - Second round of the 1986/87 Champions Cup
4-2 v Argentinos Juniors - Toyota 1985 Cup
1-4 v Widzew Łódź - Second Round FA Cup 1980/81
3-0 v Ajax - Champions League Quarterfinals 1977/78