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Who Is Andre Silva, Milan Recruit That Make Ronaldo Amazed

LEAPYGUIDE.COMAndre Silva to be AC ​​Milan's number four for next season. He was imported from FC Porto to sharpen the Rossoneri's front line.

No kidding, Milan reportedly had to spend € 38 million to make up for the 21-year-old player. He also got a direct contract for five years.

Then what is the greatness of Silva who mentioned will replace the role of Carlos Bacca as Milan's flagship spearhead?

Testimony from his senior in Portugal national team, Cristiano Ronaldo, worthy of scrutiny. The four-time world player called Silva as his future successor.

"When I retire, Portugal will be in the right hands because they have found a great striker, Andre Silva," said Ronaldo some time ago.

Silva is worth mentioning as a star of the future. Signing in Porto's main squad since 2015, his career continues to grow.

Last season Silva broke through the first team. He is believed to be the interpreter of Porto. The result, the 185-centimeter player is in the top five bomber ranks in the Portuguese league. Total he collected 16 goals in 32 appearances.

In the Champions League, Silva also sticking. Shown since the qualifying round, he was able to gain five goals.

While in the national team, in a short time Silva has skyrocketed. Newly called and made his debut in August, but he immediately recorded eight caps and contributed seven goals for Seleccao.

Given the note is not wrong if Milan who had wanted to bring Alvaro Morata, then turn to bring Silva as an alternative target.