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10 Players Who Deny Their Promise To Survive

Many players who promise to be someone who is loyal to one club. But, because one and another thing chose to leave. It can even be said to rebel.

Very many players like this on modern football. Here are some such transfers that have happened.

10. Fabian Delph - Aston Villa to Manchester City

Midfielder and captain of Aston Villa in season 2014/15. He said "I will not leave, I'm getting ready to start the new season here, I'm happy to be a captain in a special club."

However, he suddenly joined The Citizens 2015/16 season. As if by a curse, his career never shines at Etihad Stadium as a result of injury and loses to compete with City's stars.

9. Dimitar Berbatov - Tottenham Hotspur to Manchester United

"I just want to say I'm here and happy, I'm in contract and ready to give my best," Berbatov said while still defending Tottenham.

Unfortunately the player could not keep his words until finally joining Man United 2008/09 season. Although he has never really patented his position in the first team, he has contributed quite a lot to the Red Devils through his crucial goals.

8. Emmanuel Adebayor - Arsenal to Manchester City

"I am 100 percent Arsenal next season," Adebayor said at the moment.

But, different things happen. Adebayor joined Man City in the summer of 2009/10. Unfortunately, his performance is also fairly standard and unexploded as expected at Etihad Stadium.

He was loaned to Real Madrid, before finally sold to rivals Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur season 2011/12.

7. Sol Campbell - Tottenham Hotspur to Arsenal

Campbell then made sure that he would stay at Tottenham. But, the fact that happened very painful. This British legend crossed to the main rivals The Spurs, Arsenal.

Campbell is a player of love for the Spurs fans and eventually this move makes him hated. Although the performance of Campbell developed and become the legend of the Gunners.

6. Neymar - Santos to Barcelona

"I do not feel comfortable in Europe, I'm not afraid and very happy to be in Santos," said Neymar when Santos became the main star.

But, the talk was just plain nonsense. Neymar make sure to join Barcelona and track a career in Europe. The decision was quite appropriate because now he has a status in Barcelona with Messi and Luis Suarez.

5. Kaka - AC Milan to Real Madrid

"I do not want anything else, I just want to be nice and happy where people love me here Milan is my home and the place where this heart is tied," said one of Brazil's best playmakers in the modern era.

But, six months after the statement, the player actually joined Real Madrid in summer 2009. Unfortunately, there Kaka did not appear as much as he was in Milan, and actually suffered a career stagnation.

4. Luis Suarez - Liverpool to Barcelona

"I'm not signing a new contract because I'm happy here.You can not renew the contract when it's in an unhappy condition," he said in Liverpool.

In fact, Suarez finally signed a new contract with the Reds, but that did not stop him to move to Barcelona 2014/15 season. At least that contract made El barca have to reach their pockets as deep as 81 million euros to get it.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo - Manchester United to Real Madrid

Ronaldo had said that he will survive and no one to worry about his condition at Man United who was a major star at the time.

Unfortunately, Madrid finally managed to woo Ronaldo and Madrid with a record-breaking transfer and Ronaldo also made history for the sake of history at El Real until now.

2. Cesc Fabregas - Arsenal to Barcelona

"I am an Arsenal player and am very happy here, I have incredible partners and great managers," said Fabregas at the time.

But, it's all just words. Fabregas eventually returned to Barcelona 2011/12 season, the club where he forged himself in his youth. As if not enough to hurt the Gunners, Fabregas returned to the Premier League 2014/15 season to then join Chelsea.

1. Luis Figo - Barcelona to Real Madrid

"I make sure to the fans on July 24 will be in front of Barcelona fans," said Figo at the time.

After the announcement, Figo even leave to the main rivals of the team, Real Madrid. No doubt Barcelona fans rampage on the player and in the first match he costumed Madrid face Barcelona, ​​a pig's head tossed into the player's direction.