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5 Reasons Why Neymar Might Leave Barca and Move to PSG

leapyguide.com-Here are five reasons why Neymar might leave Camp Nou and move to Parc des Princes.

1.Brazilian Players in Paris


The presence of Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, and Dani Alves in the Paris Saint-Germain squad can encourage Neymar to move to France.

4.Barcelona Failed to Get Their Targets of New Players

Italy Training Session And Press Conference 

Failed to bring in Marco Verratti, Paulinho, Lucas Lima, and Hector Bellerin can be a bad sign for the team who had Ernesto Valverde as the main coach

3.Poor Quality of the Barcelona Directors


Barcelona experienced a golden era when Joan Laporta became their president from 2003 to 2010, before being replaced by Sandro Rossell on, who served until 2014. Currently the position is held by Josep Maria Bartomeu.

During that period, especially when Bartomeu became president, Barça suffered a significant drop in overall quality, one of the most notable is the players who left La Masia's academy to move to other clubs after difficulty getting into the first team.

2.Desire To Win The Balloon d'Or


Neymar, and the Brazilian players, have an obsession with the Ballon d'Or award, an award given to a footballer who performed brilliantly in a season.Since joined Barcelona, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo became the two main players who competed for the award. A move to Paris Saint-Germain could open up opportunities for him to show his best ability.

5. To Leave Lionel Messi's Shadow

FC Barcelona - Training & Press Conference

Since joining Barcelona in 2013 from Santos, Neymar is trying hard to prove that he deserves to be Lionel Messi's successor at Camp Nou, but his efforts so far have not produced the desired result.The move to Paris Saint-Germain, and the potential to be a leader in Unai Emery's team could increase interest for Neymar to move to France.