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A hat-trick on Debut, Scoring 23 metres and in Rooney's Other Fantastic Statistics

LEAPYGUIDE.COMWayne Rooney directly make a hat-trick in his first game along with Manchester United. Uniformed blue or red, he has provided a fantastic appearance.

After 13 years of leaving Everton, Rooney decided return to the Club in the city of Liverpool it. Rooney will strengthen The Toffees started the season 2017/2018 season after undergoing a scintillating at Old Trafford.

For The Red Devils in uniform, Rooney has become one of the legends. Hundreds of goal was created, a dozen trophies obtained, and records that were successfully solved.

Following Wayne Rooney's statistics:

-Rooney's first goal in the League United Kingdom (while still reinforcing the Everton) was created to play Arsenal. The goal he made with resounding, through a kick from a distance of about 23 metres.

-17 years and 111 days is the age when Rooney made his debut alongside national team action faced Australia in the United Kingdom in 2003.

-Transfer of Rooney Everton to Manchester United 30 million pounds to spend money. He became the most expensive teenager in football universe in time.

-Rooney directly make a hat-trick on his debut game together. He did in a duel with Fenerbahche in UEFA Champions League.

-Rooney has scored 253 goals in Manchester United's uniforms. He was the topskorer of all time The Red Devils.

-There are 17 goals he made in the 2004/2005 season, Rooney then was selected as the best young players in the PFA.

-During play at Old Trafford, Rooney collected the five Premier League titles.

-Most productive season, Rooney is in 2011/2012, where when he successfully slotted 27 goals.

-The European scene, she's got one of the Champions League title in 2008 after beating Chelsea on penalties.

-Together with The Three Lions, Rooney scored 53 goals. The figure makes him also a status of United Kingdom national team topskorer.

-Total United Kingdom national team appearances in the Champions League was 119, only losing to Peter Shilton.

-A Total of 16 trophies he can be together. Five Premier League titles, four FA Community Shield, three League Cup, as well as each one FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League, and the Club World Cup.