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Agree or He Leave,Arsenal Must Pay Alexis Sanchez 400k Pounds per Week

leapyguide.com- Alexis Sanchez future at Arsenal is still unclear. Along with his contract that will expire at the end of next season, there has been no intersection related to the Chilean player's new contract.

This is a concern because Alexis is rumored to refuse the offer of 275 thousand pounds of salary offered by Arsenal and want a salary of 400 thousand pounds per week if you choose to survive. This is obviously not easy because if Arsenal give the value with a new four-year contract, it means they will spend 80 million pounds for Alexis.

Interesting when the one of Liverpool Legend, Danny Murphy speak up. He acknowledged that Sanchez's request must be granted by Arsenal.

"What Alexis wants makes sense because the quality is indeed able to make him reach that point," he told TalkSport.

"In total Arsenal will issue a range of 80 million pounds.In order to find a replacement player like Alexis, Arsenal should spend at least 60 to 70 million pounds, even if they really get the right one,

However, Arsenal can't replace Alexis, knows his outstanding qualities because such a great player will be hard to find now, "he concluded.

The Gunners themselves are very dependent on Sanchez as the team's main goal engine of the 2016/17 season ago. He scored a third of Arsenal's goals last season in the Premier League, or some 24 of his 77 team goals.