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Alexis Sanchez's salary is unattainable for Bayern

Leapyguide.comBayern Munich is said to be one of the clubs that interest Alexis Sanchez. However, the high salaries of players from Chile is called overpriced for Die Roten.

Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti, who expressed interest in Sanchez. He annulled the statement of Bayern top officials.

Sanchez's future at Arsenal is currently being speculated. The contract is left with a duration of one year, he has not agreed on additional extensions.

In addition to Bayern, Sanchez is also in demand by Manchester City. The blue Manchester team is said to be willing to pay a ransom of 56.9 million euros and pay him a fee of 398 thousand euros each week. His team mate Chile, Claudio Bravo, also teased him to move to Etihad Stadium.

Bayern president Uli Hoeness, who mentioned that Sanchez's high salary would be difficult to fill the Bavarian club.

"I am not a party in the operational section (Chairman) Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, has not come to me so the matter relating to the transfer seems to be still not so urgent," Hoeness said as quoted by Kicker.

"The salary of 20 million euros a season may not be affordable," he added.