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Alexis Sanchez Want To Leave Arsenal and Join Man City

leapyguide.com-Alexis Sanchez future with Arsenal still seems to be an interesting topic to discuss. As is known the contract haven't showed any significant progress.

Had reportedly wanted to receive a raise to 400 thousand pounds per week, now according to Mirror reports, Sanchez was rumored to have changed his decision and want to leave the club to join Manchester City.

The reason is maybe because the player wants to keep playing in the Champions League, as it is known the Gunners will be absent in the highest competition among European clubs because it is only able to be in fifth position in the 2016/17 season. Not only that, Sanchez was rumored have told his family about his desire to join Etihad Stadium.

Alexis Sanchez desire to immediately join to Manchester City was likely to happen, considering Man City also one of the clubs who are interested to brought him. Even the club is said to have set aside 50 million pounds and will make the player with the highest salary in the squad.

One thing that is believed which will trouble him to join the  Man City is the club who didn't want to sell himself to the rival club.

It is interesting to wait for what decision will be taken by the player who is now 28 years old. If he really joined Etihad Stadium, Sanchez will re-reunite with his former coach in Barcelona, Pep Guardiola

Not stop there, he will make the front line City more scary. Previously, they already have two sharp attackers namely Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus.