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Alexis Sanchez : "I Want To Play in Champions League,But the Decision is With Arsenal"

leapyguide.com-Since the Confederations Cup started until the end and brought the German national team as champion, Alexis Sanchez's transfer speculation is not finished. He is rumored to leave Arsenal because his contract expires next year: Sanchez is wanted by Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).And The Gunners haven't extend his contract yet.

Stoke City v Arsenal - Premier League

However, in the middle of his holiday, that former Barcelona player had hinted his departure from the Emirates Stadium. Sanchez insists he wants to play and win the Champions League, but, leave everything to Arsenal. Arsene Wenger's squad didn't play in the Champions League this season and only participated in the Europa League.

"I have made a decision, but now my decision has to be decided by Arsenal, it depends on them," Sanchez said, as quoted by Sky Sports on Sunday (16/07).