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Arrange Team Contents Five People, It's The Player of Choice Riyad Mahrez

LEAPYGUIDE.COMLeicester City player Riyad Mahrez was asked to have a team of five. Lionel Messi so one of his options. Who else?

Starting from the position of the goalkeeper, the man from Algeria chose Gianluigi Buffon. Italian Juventus goalkeeper was considered to have a good grip under the crossbar.

Furthermore, Mahrez chose N'Golo Kante, his former Chelsea team-mate at Leicester, to become a player who can stem an opponent not to come face to face with Buffon.

"I need someone who stays in his place, I will choose N'Golo, also because he is my friend, not a defender but because I know he will stay in his position I will ask him to stay behind," Mahrez said as quoted by Mirror .

In the next line Mahrez entrust to Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach who was playing in the past became one of the world's best players.

"With him (Kante) I will put Zidane in. Zidane stands deeper with N'golo," Mahrez said.

Well, for the front row Mahrez pointed himself with Messi. The choice seems to be based on the similarity as the dominant player with the left foot.

"Left foot, left foot, Zidane will supply the ball to us and N'Golo stay behind.Safe we ​​will destroy all opponents," Mahrez said as reported by the Daily Mail about the composition of the team.