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Buy Neymar Means Crossed Financial Fair Play

leapyguide.com-The news about Neymar who became the main target of Paris Saint-Germain is constantly booming. PSG reportedly ready to spend funds in accordance with the player's clause that is 222 million euros.After the news appeared, rumors began to burst from various parties. Starting from denial, until finally there was news of the players' discomfort in Barcelona.

Latest, Barcelona President, Josep Maria Bartomeu, also spoke up. According to him, the fund could violate the rules of Financial Fair Play (FFP).

"Neymar has a contract within the next four years and obviously we rely heavily on him," he told Goal.

"He is part of the team and an important part of the MSN trio Neymar's clause is impossible to activate because it can make a club a problem with FFP.If someone does not have rules, of course it can be activated," added the president.

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