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Chelsea Prepare 75Million Pound to Bring Alvaro Morata

leapyguide.com-Chelsea reportedly changed their target to Alvaro Morata after failing to get Romelu Lukaku. The Blues are now preparing to launch its first £ 75 million bid for Real Madrid. They are determined to get El Real striker.

The team that is now trained by Antonio Conte is not competing with Manchester United who immediately sent a concrete offer worth 75 million pounds to Everton for Lukaku. In fact, Chelsea was previously a club that has a strong chance to get services Lukaku who did want to return to his old club.

Express reported both parties, Chelsea and Real Madrid, will soon hold a meeting to discuss Morata. The reason, Morata has asked Madrid to move because he didn't get many chance to play on the regular team.

However, El Real is still didn't want to sell him with a value under 80 million pounds, which is the reason Manchester United back and divert the target to Romelu Lukaku. While Chelsea themselves do need a new striker figure considering they are likely to be abandoned by Digeo Costa.

The 24-year-old striker appeared in the 2016/17 season despite being only second choice Zinedine Zidane behind Karim Benzema. He scored 20 goals and made six assists in 43 games played