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Chile Legend,Suggest Sanchez to Leave Arsenal

LEAPYGUIDE.COMSuggestions for Alexis Sanchez to leave Arsenal again appear. This time from Chilean football legend, Ivan Zamorano, who felt Arsenal were not the right club for Sanchez won the trophy.

The future of Sanchez is being speculated following the absence of a deal on his new contract with Arsenal. If there is no way out then Sanchez will certainly be sold this summer considering the contract will expire in 2018.

It is therefore fair that some clubs are associated with current Sanchez like Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Chelsea. Related rumors of his future, Sanchez was already making decisions even though not want to disclose it to the public.

With regard to the future of Sanchez, Zamorano, a former top footballer in Chile, joined the vote by suggesting that his compatriot accept another club's proposal and leave Arsenal. Because Arsenal are considered not able to meet Sanchez ambition to win the trophy.

"I think Alexis already knows what he's going to do, he is a goal-hungry and ambitious player, it's important for them to make decisions, I think he wants to win the championship trophy," Zamorano told Soccernet.

"Out of it all, the Champions League is the most desirable and I do not think he could have won it at Arsenal," he continued.

"He should know that he is more useful in the bigger team, but it all depends on him, he certainly has his own choice.Anything happens, Alexis will remain at the level of deserved and what should be achieved," he concluded.