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Give Messi a Fantastic Contract,Barcelona's Finance still doing Fine

leapyguide.com-Lionel Messi just confirmed to extend his tenure with Barcelona until June 2021. Barcelona president, Josep Bartomeu also admitted he's happy with this. He also stated that the club's finances are in safe condition despite giving a fantastic contract for the player.

The 30-year-old Argentine is rumored to be getting 500,000 pounds per week from his new contract. This made him the third-largest paying player in the world after Carlos Teves and Ezequiel Lavezzi both of whom played in China.

"(The talk about new contract) started a few months ago when I told her father, Jorge, that we should start discussing about it," Bartomeu said as quoted by Goal.

"Everyone knows that Leo had a bad period last summer with a tax case that happened to him, we let him take a few months, so when the time is right, I then tell Jorge that we should start talking about the new contract.

"I talked to Leo and asked him about his condition and talked about what happened, I asked him about a new contract, he replied that he wanted to be here."

"We can not tell you how much we value for Messi, but he is the best player in the world and he should be rewarded at a reasonable price for the world's best players and throughout football history."

"LFP and UEFA are recommending a big salary, but neither of them has a limit of big salary, we are above the value of their recommendation but still do not damage the financial system of the club." We are still in good shape.