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Held A Wedding Reception,Dani Alves Married Joana Sanz in Ibiza

leapyguide.com-Unlike other football players who choose to publish their wedding, when and where they hold a wedding reception party, Dani Alves chooses to celebrate with certain people only.The player held a wedding reception party secretly on the Ibiza's beach.

As reported by Mirror, Dani Alves married a beautiful model from Spain, Joana Sanz on Saturday, July 8, 2017 local time. Both held a wedding reception party with a romantic atmosphere at Ibiza Beach which is famous for its atmosphere and beautiful view. After the player swore an oath of allegiance to always accompany his wife in a state of joy and sorrow. 

The wife who had just married by Dani Alves uploaded an elegant picture of her using a white wedding dress through instagram stories feature. A smile can not be avoided from Joana over the joyous moments of a smile, it is seen in the upload himself in instagram stories. Jaoana Sanz has an 11-year-old difference with Dani Alves, but the age difference does not seem to be a problem for both lovers to tie the ropes and build a home.

Joana Sanz on her wedding day to Dani Alves 1