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Jurgen Klopp Cannot Wait to Work With Mohamed Salah

leapyguide.com-Liverpool looks didn't make any meaningful move in the transfer market this summer, but they managed to get a signature from a sharp winger Fiorentina, Mohamed Salah. He was brought in with a dowry worth 34.3 million pounds and will be at Anfield for five seasons.

Now after Salah officially joined, an interesting comment was submitted by Jurgen Klopp. According to him, he cannot wait to be able to train and cooperate with his new recruits.

'He (Mohamed Salah) is a very fantastic player and has incredible speed, I am very impatient and want to work with him immediately, "said Klopp as reported by Mirror.

The German manager also said that the ability and quality of Salah is very good. He also believes that the presence of players who are now 25 years old will make his squad much stronger than before.

The Reds' decision to recruit Salah  surprised the public, it's because the player is considered failed to shine while strengthening Chelsea in 2014 ago. Even because of difficulty penetrating the main squad he had loaned to several clubs before finally become permanent  with AS Roma.

Interesting to see the performance of Salah in the upcoming 2017/18 season, moreover he will be in one team alongside a line of other star players like Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino or Sadio Mane.