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Jurgen Klopp Promise Gerrard to Help Him On Looking After the Young Players

leapyguide.com-Nothing can describe fans feeling when they seeing club icons or legends back to his old club. This is true for Liverpool fans who see their eternal captain, Steven Gerrard, return to Merseyside. Certainly not as a player, but as a coach.


Gerrard will start handling Liverpool U-18 fully this season. For the former England captain, this is his first experience in pioneering a coaching career, and Gerrard won't be alone in orbiting talented young players to be channeled to a higher level.Because the Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, promised to provide everything needed to become a coach to Gerrard. He insisted will jointly develop talented young players to be promoted to the first team.

"I can imagine how happy he is (Gerrard) .Working with talented players is a great job and also doing the things you think are right for them, giving new experiences and also learning a lot at the same time," Klopp explained, Reported Daily Mail, Wednesday (12/07)

"These times are fantastic for him, of course we will keep a close contact with him and also U22, we always doin it.This is very important for us because it's the next generation and we want to help them as much as we can do, of course we will contact each other , "Klopp concluded.