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Lionel Messi Can't Wait to Play Under Valverde

leapyguide.com-Next season Barcelona will have a new coach,they will play under Ernesto Valverde. The coach replaces Luis Enrique who chose to not renew the contract. Many are curious what Barcelona will be in the hands of Valverde. The main star of the team, Lionel Messi too, finally spoke up.

He made sure that he was very curious about what Valverde would give the team. Valverde is well known as a coach who enjoys explosive philosophy.


"With a new coach, everything is new, I have no idea what kind of coach he is, but I know he is a very good man," he told Goal.

"He got together with Valencia and Athletic Bilbao and we all heard his good reputation there so we tried to bring hope to him from the start.Whenever I started the season, there was always the main goal I wanted this team to get the most out of it I am very happy and We have a lot of new staff and I will enjoy working with them, "he concluded.

Not only thay, Messi ensures that Barcelona will try to achieve everything that's possible.

"We hope to win all titles, I am enthusiastic to return to Barcelona and start everything well," he concluded.

It's reasonable for. Although the 2016/17 season ago Messi squad managed to win the Copa del Rey title, but they must be willing to see the Champions League trophy and La Liga captured by their eternal rivals, Real Madrid.