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Lukak and Pogba Train Together in Los Angeles

leapyguide.com-Rumor about the Belgian national team striker transfer, Romelu Lukaku, from Everton to Manchester United seems to be getting stronger. After Everton reportedly received a price of 75 million pounds offered by Manchester United, now appears a photo showing that the 23-year-old striker is doing physical exercise with Manchester United star Paul Pogba.

Lukaku is currently spending holidays in Los Angeles, United States, along with the French national team midfielder. They also quite often post their activities while on vacation.

The future of Lukaku at Goodison Park has become erratic ever since he decided to refuse Everton's contract extension in March 2017. He has also indicated where he will dock when defending the Belgian national team

 Now with news of the move to Old Trafford is getting faster, Lukaku called will soon complete a medical test in Los Angeles to complete the transfer process to Manchester United.

With the arrival of Lukaku to Old Trafford, it is almost certain United will stop doing striker hunting, as well as cancel their efforts to get Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata in the same month.