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Madrid Not Happy with Ronaldo

leapyguide.com-Real Madrid are reportedly  want to force his star, Cristiano Ronaldo to speak to the club about his future at the Santiago Bernabeu. The reason, he was silent and could not ensure he will stay in Madrid or not after the alleged tax evasion case against him.

Cristiano Ronaldo once again became a hot topic in the transfer window after he was reportedly unhappy with tax evasion case worth 13 million euros that befall him. The player is rumored to want to leave Madrid as well as La Liga and did not want to return to play in Spain.

Mirror reported that the El Real felt it was the time for Ronaldo to speake to the club to ensure his future at the Santiago Bernabeu. They hope to convince Ronaldo to stay because he still have contract till 2021,

Ronaldo earlier said he would confirm his future with Madrid after defending Portugal at the 2017 Confederations Cup. However, until now, the four-time winner of the Ballon d'Or is still silent and has not indicated an open voice regarding his future.