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Matter of record for goals in the national team, Messi are slower than the alleged Batistuta

LEAPYGUIDE.COMGabriel Batistuta Argentina former bomber had long predicted would Cristiano Ronaldo make a lot of goals with the team to solve Tango record. But it turns out that the time is slower than the alleged Batistuta.

Messi Argentina topskorer now with 118 goals in 58 caps. New June last year he became the national team tersubur players after 54 goals Batistuta goes beyond (with 77 caps).

"I've been predicting it since five or six years. (But) Actually I suspect she'd be able to break the record I was faster, "says Batistuta to FIFA 1904 preached like Aol.

"It is a record that is very meaningful to me, but she already broke it. That's what happened. First ever I broke the record of the disabled, the previous record. That's how it happened, "he continued.

The top three list of topskorer no name Argentina Hernan Crespo (35 goals). Then Diego Maradona (34 goals) that is in the next position along with Sergio Aguero, followed by Gonzalo Dismisses (31 goals).