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Modric: Ties Madrid and Ronaldo is very Strong

LEAPYGUIDE.COMLuka Modric admitted that in football anything can happen, including hengkangnya Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. However, he thinks the bonds of Madrid and Ronaldo is too strong to break.

Ronaldo's future so the question mark after the original attacker the entangled case that Portugal tax evasion worth 14.7 million euros. Ronaldo reportedly got disappointed with the attitude of less Real Madrid defending it. However, later he called start after President softened Madrid Juventus stated vociferously defending it will be.

For Portugal national football team in strengthening the Confederations Cup 2017, Ronaldo shut up to question his future. It makes the rumors-rumours of his departure from Madrid does not matter soon died down.

However, Modric as teammate Ronaldo is confident Ronaldo will not be everywhere. According to him, after eight years together, Ronaldo and Madrid will be very difficult to separate.

"I never heard Raul says he wants to go," said Modric told Marca.

"In football, everything is indeed possible, but I think the ties and relations between Madrid and Ronaldo is very strong so I thought he would continue to be a Real Madrid player," he said.