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Move to Madrid's Change Room After El Clasico, Neymar Say Goodbye?

LEAPYGUIDE.COMThings that can not be done after the game Neymar El Clasico preseason. Neymar stopped by for a long time in Madrid's dressing room, which is believed to be his moment of goodbye.

Barca managed to beat Madrid 3-2 in at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, Saturday (29/07/2017). In the game, Neymar continued on-fire performance from early season by creating assists for the last two goals Los Cules.

Not a few who consider that the game is the last El Clasico Neymar. Brazilian football star is very heavily rumored to be joining Paris St. Germain next season with a transfer value of 222 million euros

The Daily Mail reports that based on the capture of the NCuatro television camera, Neymar is known to spend 15 minutes in the El Real dressing room after the game. Upon exiting, he is seen to have swapped shirts with Casemiro jerseys and Madrid captain Sergio Ramos.

In addition, Neymar is also seen conversing with former Madrid striker and compatriot, Julio Baptista.

Also mentioned, Neymar did not come home to the Catalan squad Barcelona, ​​Sunday (30/7). He is waiting for a settlement agreement about his transfer payment.