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MU Could Play a new strategy by Refusing

LEAPYGUIDE.COMManchester United reportedly would buy Romelu Refusing. If so join, Refusing would make The Red Devils can play a new strategy.

In the last season, MU depends on Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the front-line. 35 players of that year contributed 28 goals in all the event.

With age the Ibrahimovic was looking young again, his speed had decreased. Therefore, the ' Red Devils ' less able to play the counterattack strategy.

Refusing to be relayed live live medical tests to smooth step join MU of Everton. 75million pounds transfer value already agreed The Toffees with MU.

The former Defender, Gary Neville, who revealed that Refusing will bring a whole new dimension in MU. The speed of refusing to be perspectives.

"I think you saw an increase, I think there is some criticism--can he play in the big game? Can he play in the big game? I think a little bit not visible in the first half of the season, "said Neville at the BBC.

"He scored a goal in some big games and I think he continues to grow all the time. I think he's a different type of striker with the long striker once owned United. Someone who might be able to run from behind, it could be a bit of a break, that United could play the counterattack strategy. "

"I think with the Squad last season Manchester United cannot perform counteroffensive strategy because obviously at her age and the fact that her legs are already a little slowed down. Now you have someone who is qualified, had the speed which could make Manchester United play the counterattack, "added the player who spent his career alongside United it.