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MU Superior Top City ... in Social Media

LEAPYGUIDE.COMManchester United and Manchester City will be dueling in the United States, tomorrow morning. If on the pitch the game runs fierce, in social media The Red Devils winning landslide.

For the first time, Manchester Derby will be held outside the UK. The match will be held on Friday (21/7/2017) will be held in Houston, United States.

MU and City already have a worldwide trademark and fans spread all over the world. If talking about influence in social media, The Red Devils far outperformed its noisy neighbors.

On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, MU has 104.2 million fans. The figure is three times that of City owned from the same three platforms, which 'only' amounted to about 35 million followers.

Follower MU on Facebook, which amounts to 75.8 million people, more than the UK population. MU has 18.4 million other followers on Instagram and 12 million followers on Twitter.

While the follower City on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in a row amounted to 25.5 million, 5 million, and 4.5 million.

If grouped by search on Google, MU is also still far ahead of the City. Since July 2016, the number of searches with keywords Manchester United five times greater than Manchester City.

Still using data from Google, worldwide the number of City searches can only surpass MU in five countries only. The five countries are Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Monaco, and Romania.

Related to the popularity of players in social media, City winning thanks to Sergio Aguero. The Argentine star has 29.9 million followers. Aguero could be in the top position after Wayne Rooney leave Everton. Players with the second most followers in City are Kevin de Bruyne (7.3 million), Vincent Kompany (7.3 million), Claudio Bravo (7.0 million), and David Silva (6.7 million).

In camp United, the player with the most followers is Paul Pogba (26.8 million). Behind him is David de Gea (21.4 million), and Juan Mata (20.3 million).

Overall in the Premier League, only Mesut Oezil (60.9 million), David Luiz (51.5 million) and Rooney (51.4 million) have more follower than Pogba and Aguero.